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    Tuesday, December 25, 2007

    V.S. Camp 2

    okay, that was the picture post. now tis word post.
    i am now known as "Kate Power!!" in Shou Yi's blog!! mua ha ha ha.

    okay. yes, anyway. i didn't get any e mails so debbie had to come up to me and tell me two days before the meeting :

    "you're a leader, you know?"

    so yeah. then i went to the meeting and i turned to be co leader to shou yi's group, which was called peg leg barnacles.
    don't ask.
    anyway, then shou yi called it pig leg.
    so it became cheekiok!! or however you spell it lah.

    anyway, so i was like, HAH? i am the co leader of SHOU YI'S group? i thought they were kidding. i had never talked to the guy before. i mean, i'd see him in nst and he's make alot of noise with his gang (jon chin, wai kin, tata, ryota, etc) and that was basically it.
    at first, i was like, wth. so random.

    but then we got there and i got to know that while shou yi looks like some gangster, he's actually NOT!! haha. he's like this big teddy bear. he SO couldn't handle dylan and wai sheng (nyeh nyeh!), so i had to do tht.

    dylan's so cute. so freaking naughty too. TALKS ALOT OHMYGAWD.
    wai sheng. hehe, funny fella. i think he grew taller since camp, i SWEAR.
    sasha. LOL.
    debbie lim. YES SHE IS OUR LUCKY STARRR. everytime she prayed we found wht we were looking for, so we made her pray everytime we had something to look for. XD
    tsan gan. i call him gan. its easier. he's funny.
    bryan. ohmygawd. what a panicker, i swear i was gonna strangle him. but he shared lot and i appreciated that.
    elyss. got pretty badly injured, and is pretty quiet, but she's rlly nice.
    frederick. another guy i never talked to before. he got injured by swimming in the POOL. geez!! it was this HUGE CUT. i don't knw how the hell he did it. unbelievable. but he was a good sport despite the injury.
    james. quiet dude. australian.
    mezvic. whn i first saw him, he scared me. he looks fierce, okay!! but he's a good guy.

    i think tht of all the things tht happened at camp, i have to say tht one of the two best things tht happened was all the friendships i have made and renewed.
    for instance, i had never talked to shou yi's gang.
    now we talk. :D
    i met zen and zhou han. and kenvin who looks like a freaking 21 year old whn he's actually only 16.
    i stayed over at tze quan's apartment and we talked like ALOT.
    amanda chin and megan chin.
    emmelyn as well. erk. sorry if i spelt your name wrongly. x)
    all the people from my team.

    and the other thing that was awesome about camp was the cross encounter. i knw its so cliche and everybody says tht tht was the best experience, but thts only because it truly was.
    whn ps victor told us everything tht happened to Jesus from the time of his betrayal to his death on the cross, he included all the gory little details.
    i never knew tht tht was wht he went through for us.
    i mean, OBVIOUSLY i knew he went through alot of pain.
    but whn its explained to you in such excruciating detail, you start to wonder. could I have gone through all that to save people i don't even know, never even heard of and may possibly never meet?
    no. i couldn't.
    and yet he did.

    so whn i came to the cross to throw away my booklet, it seemed to resist my attempts to tear it. but he lent me his strength and with tht, i have thrown away all that hurt me before. it hurt, it was like tearing off a little piece of my own heart. but only whn i tore it off, could it heal.
    it was amazing.

    God spoke through me too!! it was so freaking cool. it was like, i went up to someone and sat beside them. i won't mention their names because it might be a very personal thing. and i felt God telling me to tell thm, you knw, hey, just let it go. God says he loves you and he'll take care of everything. he forgives you. i tell you, those two people cried like CRAZY after i said all tht. i was like, whoa. wht just happened? the words just appeared in my head. it might have just been my conscience telling me to tell thm tht to comfort thm, but it wasn't, i knw tht much.

    so yes. tht was my camp experience. it was amazing and it ended too soon. we all had like amp withdrawal symptoms whn we were done, like staying up till 3am and talking like shou yi and the gang.


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