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    Monday, December 10, 2007

    Fairy Tales and Romanticism.

    i just finished watching the making of new found glory's kiss me. paramore is in the video as guest stars.

    "I'm sorry, I'm so sorr- it's RED, oh NO!!!!"

    "Haley Williams from Paramore just slapped me like a bitch - like i was HER bitch!"

    LOL. damn funny.

    anyway. i saw enchanted! its such a pretty story.
    and prince edward is fricking HOT. XD
    i always liked fairytales.

    i don't rlly knw wht to blog abt tonight. i'm just.. well, bored. if i wanted, i could complain. but i don't feel like it. i think i've done way too much complaining these few days. lol.
    camp is nxt week!! i so can't wait!

    we'll be going to the beach. i haven't gone to the beach in ages. i haven't gone on a holiday in like three years. its crazy.
    sometimes its not fair. people get to go places they don't even want to go to.
    i want to go everywhere.
    i don't have that chance.
    i can't wait to feel sand between my toes.
    to feel the sun on my back.
    cant wait to touch the sea foam.
    to smell the salty air.
    wind in my hair.

    gawd i sound like such an idiot. :P
    oh well. i like being an idiot then.



    Philip Tan said...

    you cant wait to see dead fishes floating and a dolphin carcass on the beach :P

    Kateh said...