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    Sunday, December 30, 2007

    New Year.

    new year.
    new link.
    new phone. :D
    new photo.
    new beginnings.

    actually, right at this moment i'm wondering wht the big deal about the new year is.
    i mean, technically speaking, its just another date on the calender.
    "we start school next year lah."
    " that starts tomorrow."
    you see?
    but just ignore me. i'm just rambling because i've got too much time on my hands. :P

    let us review all the things that happened this year.
    if i can remember them lah.

    let's see.
    okay, i just went through almost all of my posts from this year.

    - finished PMR!! thts one stupid stepping stone i've gotten over, the next will be SPM. hopefully i'll do better there.

    - established an enviable relationship with my mother. even though over the years, we often fought, we've come to a rlly great point in our lives where we share something rlly special. sometimes she still pisses me off and obviously i piss her off, but wht counts is tht we can count on each other for support.

    - two loved ones have passed away. the first, i didn't rlly knw tht well, so honestly speaking, it wasn't much of a loss to me. the second, which was uncle boon, was like this huge blow to my whole family, because he's been a part of our lives so much. everywhere i look, there are pieces of him. the table tht this laptop is resting on, the table under the mirror by the door, a little device in the car, the plants outside, everything. i never knew him that well, but well enough to miss him.

    - made new friends. who i have apparently known forever, just never took the time to talk to them. XD the "batu" gang, who rlly rock. pun not intended!! haha. it just sort of came out. and felix. we talk so banyak now abt rubbish. men are like fine wine (hack, koff, koff) and women are like glass. :D

    - made friends with old friends. tht sounds weird but yes. amanda chin, megan chin, daphnie, su shern, jun li, etc. i love you guys. ^^

    - erhh.. i don't rmmbr.

    yes so anyway, i'mme go now and find me something to eat.
    dangit, no more binky billy's. XD
    bye for now, happy new year everybody!

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