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    Thursday, March 11, 2010


    "Who gives a fuck about an Oxford comma? I saw those English dramas too ; They're cruel." - Vampire Weekend, Oxford Comma


    6A'S DUDE. Including 1119 lah, but I don't give a damn, it's an A anyway. ;) So I beat every boy in my family (John doesn't count because he didn't even do SPM), but yeah. I did! :D That was kinda my goal. Unfortunately, I didn't get an A in BM. I was like, WTF?!? I WAS SUPPOSED TO!! Pulak, I got a B+, but I guess it's okay (: I was a little bit mad about that. I passed my Ekons though!!! AND my Moral :D

    Aaaaaah. I'm quite relieved. And soon, the next challenge arrives : COLLEGE!! :D

    I'm excited.

    Congrats to Debbie for 9 freaking A's!!!! I'm so proud of you hun. To Michi as well, for 8A's including 1119, that's amazing babe :D Zi Lynn, high five on passing EVERYTHING INCLUDING EKONS XDD and the A+ in Lit! :D TO AQILA, WHO PASSED EVERYTHING. Except Ekons, but that doesn't really matter XD I'M SO PROUD AND RELIEVED.

    Also, kudos to Nicole with 7A's, Joanne with 8A's, Yi Ying with 9A's and David for a freaking phenomenal 12A's. O: Blew my mind.

    The fact that Tze Quan scored 13A's is no surprise XD BUT CONGRATS ANYWAY :DDD <3 And Charissa for 12A's!!!

    Ah. Now I don't feel so smart. XD OH WEEEELL.

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