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    Sunday, March 07, 2010

    Please please please let me get what I want

    "Sunday morning, wake up early ; Skip church service to find my Jesus ; I know it sounds so sacrilegious ; But I just don't belong in a place like that ; I love the cause but not the act ; Coz Jesus was a friend and not a judge ; He loved the sinners as much as he loved the little ones ; That man was love and not an act." - Nevershoutnever!, Sacrilegious.

    Blah. I have to start taking photos again. i haven't for a while, and I think my camera is rusting. XD

    Hm, let's see what's been going on :

    1. I finally know what college I'm going to! :D Joining Inessa at IACT together with Leonard. I'm pretty excited really. (: I start April 12.
    2. ALICE IN WONDERLAND IS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CAN'T WAIT. 8D
    3. Mallini joined baking classes in MIB. Go Mal! <3
    4. Joining the church committee for Easter event. I think it's gonna be fun. :D
    5. Back to the pole! Hahaa.

    That's about it for now. Not to mention that a certain someone is utterly confusing me and I just can't figure the person out. Damn. Boys. But anyway! Have a nice week ya'll ;)

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