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    Wednesday, February 10, 2010

    Valentines? Bah, humbug.

    "I guess I had a damn rough night and I'm still piecing it together ; There's a girl in my bed and I haven't even met her ; I had a damn rough night and I can't even remember ; Threw my clothes into the fire and turned into a streaker." - Artist Vs. Poet, Damn Rough Night.

    Funny song. XD

    Anyway, coming back to the title of my post.

    No offence to anyone who is celebrating Valentines day for the FIRST TIME EVER, or celebrating it with a boyfriend who is actually from Malaysia (Ahem.. You know who you are ;p), but seriously. Was the whole point of Valentines day only to make every single (as in, without partner) person left feel like they're going to end up as old men / women with a collection of corncob pipes / 27 cats to keep them company in their old age???
    I tell you.. Couples are so sadistic. D<

    Valentines Day.
    BAH. Humbug!

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