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    Tuesday, February 02, 2010


    So currently, I am actually really frustrated.

    So here's the deal.

    At first, my parents wanted me to do an English degree (Ew.). I wanted to do Photography. No go. Then they though, maybe it's okay if I do Mass Comm. I'm not completely against it, but I don't particularly WANT to do it. Then I though, how bout Visual Communication at Raffles? My dad had a problem with it, so no go. So then we though, maybe Graphic Design degree in KBU. I am personally very happy with that choice, I was so looking forward to being surrounded by all that art and creativity and.. I don't know, I was really embracing it. NOW, my parents are like, hm, you know what, anyone can be a graphic designer, you're so good at English, why don't you do Mass Comm? And I'm not really able to have any say in it because they really honestly think that they know best. And in some ways, I have to admit that, yes, being a copywriter will probably get me more money, but honestly, money is NOT exactly at the top of my list of priorities right now, as much as I know how IMPORTANT money is, but I'm reeeeeeally just after an experience that I'll enjoy.

    ARGH! I know, I know I'm probably not making much sense, but I can't describe it.. I feel really helpless.

    Help me, God.


    Ben said...

    Funny you should mention money. Because I'm starting to wonder if I should've gone into a career that garnered more profits.

    Be that as it may, you know Isaac and I are always available to talk to about career choices.
    (Well, me moreso, because he seems very open to the idea of starving writer as a future.

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    As much as we'd all like to think, "Money isn't the issue; we should be fueled by passion!", that really isn't the case nowadays.

    IMHO, I'm in Mass Communications because I can write. But copywriting isn't the path I'm looking at, I want to be a novelist.
    Here, I'm just settling for second best because being a copywriter is going to feed me first. I can pursue being a novelist once I'm comfortable.
    But that's just me, because I know that struggling as a novelist, I'll lose all self-confidence and eventual kill my own dream one way or another.

    I'm guessing your parents are just looking out for you in that sense. Unless you really want to step-up and say, "NO. I'M DOING THIS, EVEN IF IT TRAMPLES OVER ME AND CALLS ME IDIOT!" then I say, make that stand!

    Either way, I'll back you up all the way. x)

    katiebaby* said...

    Hahaaa! I'm not stupid, you guys. ;p I know the risks. Maybe my parents ARE right. I know they're just looking out for me.

    In any case, I'll most probably be seeing you in IACT nes. ^^

    SarahV. said...

    Hey, Kate.

    I know how you feel. I know we don't talk much. But I am sure you know as much that my first and foremost passion comes in the form of drama and singing. And I really wanted to do that. At first, the parental units were pretty supportive but then the idea of financial difficulties began dawning on them and they decided to go with my "next best thing". They suggested (or forced me into) studying Mass Comm. Journalism to be more accurate.

    In the beginning, I really was not happy with it. In fact, I still am not happy with it. But they are really only looking out for our best interests and would never do anything to deliberately harm us. They told me that if my passion for drama persists, I could always do it on the side or after I get my stable degree. Somehow, though, now finishing my first of three years in university, I find I have no time to do what I love, but I know I still love it. Just persevere. =) It'll turn out how God has planned it.

    And I get where you're coming from, from the monetary angle of this situation. Money doesn't come first. Because money isn't going to buy you happiness or passion. But like I said, persevere. Sometimes, things work out the way you want it to, though steered in a different direction from your initial plan. And hey, how about photojournalism? It's not what you want exactly, but it has elements of what you want and what your parents want. And compromise is always a good thing, right? I hope this helped.

    God Bless.

    Love, SarahV

    Mallini said...

    Cheer up duckie. If it make you feel any better, We're both in the same boat. I've been told to put a career as a chef in the back of my mind and see if I fall in love with anything else. Whatever is meant to happen, will happen.