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    Friday, July 17, 2009


    "Secret heart ; What are you made of? ; What are you so afraid of?" - Feist, Secret Heart.

    WOW. I actually can't believe it's over. After all those weeks of staying back for practise, eventually turning into skipping class to work on everything.
    I feel so ACCOMPLISHED.
    Tonight's show was an amazing success, and I'm so proud to have been a part of it. Debbie, I'm so proud of you! You totally pulled this show off.
    With a little help from your friends, of course. XD
    We love you! We forgive your asshole-ic temper during rehearsals because we knew it was all due to stress and stuff like that. And a certain somebody who breathes dragon breath down your neck.


    I'm going to miss drawing mustachios on Hannan and tying belly dancing belts around Ling Rui, even when they constantly fall off her skinny hips. XD I'M DEFINITELY GOING TO MISS SKIPPING CLASS MAN. That was one of the best perks. XD But, I must get back to studying. Seriously.
    OOH, can't wait for the Indie Youth Fest. ;p
    <3 Peace everyone, I'm going to BED.

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