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    Monday, April 20, 2009


    "I don't never ever wanna hear you say goodbye ; I want you so much that I just can't resist you ; It's not enough to say that I miss you." - The Veronicas, Untouched.

    Just a weird thought. Or a few.
    There's this one part in Circus where Britney says "ringleader" and when saying the "l", her tongue goes up to her top lip. It's odd. I tried saying it out loud doing that and it came out "ringmeader".
    And there's this one part where she tries to look really sexy, but she looks.. Weird. And manly.
    Another thought. I was watching Paris Hilton's My New BFF, just to see what it was like. For all you know, it could have provided hours of endless entertainment, right?
    Evidently, her idea of a best friend is one who can bring home as many boys as possible. Uhm, okay.
    There was this one girl who kept saying her grandfather was the King of Hollywood, or something like that. Lemme Google that.
    Clark Gable.
    So anyway, there she is dropping the fact that she's CLARK GABLE'S granddaughter, and that CLARK GABLE would be so proud of her and how she comes from CLARK GABLE'S family of morals and high standards..
    And then while she's saying that exact line, there's a clip of her lighting up and knocking back a few vodkas and lime.

    Gawd, it's way too hot. This heat is unbearable. And there's no use getting your hopes up whenever it LOOKS like its about to rain, coz it spills three drops, and thats it. The sky says, "ALRIGHT PEEPS, THATS YOUR RATION FOR THE NEXT THREE DAYS! Yikes.
    Ice cream and ice is your best friend right now. So is the air conditioning and the mall.
    However, upcoming exams force you to stay indoors and slog your way through workbooks and exercises. And heat.

    We had a 2 hour BM seminar today. Zi Lynn and I slept through half of it. Then right at the end, the dude gives us this brochure and says, "Come for our 10 hour seminar!!"
    Right. I can barely stay awake through a 2 hour one, and you expect me to go for a 10 hour one? Thanks, but no thanks.
    And you have to PAY. RM108 for 10 hours of sleep.
    Sokay, I can do that at home for free. ;p Not that I really sleep for 10 hours, but yeah.
    Kbai. (:

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    Inessa said...

    I remember that two hour BM seminar; I don't remember it being that bad...

    The ten hour one was okay too, but most of it was a waste of time. I remember passing notes to Alethea most of the time...

    I don't recommend it in any case.