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    Sunday, November 16, 2008

    "We fight we break up, we kiss we make up." -Katy Perry, Hot N Cold.

    I finished Inkdeath. It's a gorgeous, gorgeous book. My words can't describe all the words in it.
    YOU MUST READ. It WILL blow you away.
    And the arguments between Fenoglio and Rosenquartz and Elinor are particularly amusing. :P

    HAHAH. I was just watching the Fallout Boy video for I Don't Care (catchy, but not particularly intriguing) and I love the end where Sarah Pahlin shows up. XDD Hilarious.

    Have I ever expressed my love for The Academy Is..? They're so good. William Beckett is like.. Sexiest thing alive. Okay, ONE of the sexiest things - I mean, people. Men. - alive. SO GORGEOUS. Aaaah. If they do a video for His Girl Friday, I will fight tooth and nail to be in it!! D< Anything to kiss William Beckett. I was screaming when About A Girl's video came out, he jus looked so darn'd sexy in that blue shirt. And his smile! -swoon- Haha, this is fangirl-ing to the max.

    Anyway. I've been having pretty weird dreams. I might start a dream blog (Dlog?) so watch out for new cookies. (:

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