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    Wednesday, June 09, 2010

    Keep holding on.

    "Here comes the feeling you thought you'd forgotten." - Vampire Weekend, Horchata.

    Soooo, update on my non-existent love life.

    He totaaaally shot me down.

    Okay, that's not fair. But I'm hurt, aren't I entitled to be unfair and unreasonable?!?! T.T But no, I really am being unfair. At least he was honest with me. Apparently, I'm not his "type". i'm like, geez, what IS your type then?? Don't lead me on. ): But he said he sent me e mails and texts to tell me how he felt, but I never got them. But i do kinda think that's cowardly. Do you think so? He couldn't have told me straight to the face? He couldn't have at least asked, "Did you get my email?" Or anything like that. Of course i thought he was still into me. Goshhh. Couldn't have been that difficult. And I still treated him the way i did when we first liked each other, with hearts and stuff.... I don't wanna talk too much about that. I mean, i knew something was different.. And I DID kind of sorta lose interest after a while because he wasn't returning my affections much. But the thought of him coming here got me excited and thinking, hey maybe something could happen, and I started liking him again. And damn, now that I think about it.. I hinted alot at dates. GAH. Talk about embarrassing.

    Stupid boys. T.T

    Anyway, I'm not emo-ing anymore. I refuse to be emo. There has to be SOME guy SOMEWHERE willing to be with me. Am I that repulsive??? D: I seem to repel boys. I mean, geez. I've been single for five years already, and I've only ever had a boyfriend ONCE in my life. DEAR GOD, WHEN WILL THIS ENDLESS LONELY HEART SPELL END?!?!?!?!!?

    I only seem to attract weird guys. @.@

    Okay. I'm going to stop with this pity party. Kate! You have assignments to focus on!!