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    Sunday, May 10, 2009


    Lol, I reckon all my diaries should be burned. As in, the written ones that hide in my room.
    But I threw most of them out anyway. :D

    Funny huh, how sometimes you look back and read your old diaries, and they either make you laugh out loud at how naive you were, or make you wonder if you really did something stupid like that, or make you scared at how dark your thoughts used to be.

    I don't write in diaries anymore. XD


    Bob has a rounded body, and is quite dark.
    He has a solid personality and sometimes has a cold demeanour.
    Bob is quite a scientific guy, and can be found in the science lab most of the time.
    Bob likes hanging out.

    What is Bob?!
    ;p Shoot me a line and see if you get it right. NESSA, YOU'RE NOT ALLOWED TO TELL. ;p


    Isaac said...

    Bob is a pendulum. That was obvious. What's my prize? =D

    Kateh said...

    PFFT. ;p
    Took my friends at school a couple of minutes to figure it out. ;p
    YOU GET A HUG?? <3

    Isaac said...

    I don't think technology has advanced to the point of allowing us to transmit hugs digitally, though. So what should I do - close my eyes, hug myself as hard as I can, and imagine it's Katie who's hugging me? =P

    Kateh said...

    .. PRECISELY. :D or, you can ask one of your many new girlfriends to give you a hug. LOL!