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    Monday, September 24, 2007

    *cue "jaws" music*

    so. 6 more days. no wait, plus five, then.


    oh happy day. i shall be free in eleven days.

    so wish me luck, all of you! i'll need it.

    blessings are also mucho mucho appreciated.


    i know i've been pretty much MIA for the last few.. uhh, weeks. hehe. well, nothing much has been happening. i'm not as popular or happening as alot of people. nor do i involve myself in as many frivolous activities as some people do. no, i stay home like the good little girl that i am and study. or try to. and sometimes pretend to. and play my music. no, i haven't really been watching tv. nothing much. but i am going to catch "the lakehouse" again after PMR. such a romantic show. *sighs*

    i watched the break up last night. funnayy.

    OMG and i saw britney perform earlier. in her little bra and briefs. no, it was definitely not a bikini. i would have run away screaming if it were. i should write a letter to her. hm.

    "dear miss britney spears,

    please kindly refrain from showing your bulges and wobbly bits to the world. i'm fairly sure that half the world has gone blind about now, they're just being nice about it. i believe your co-stars were wearing some sort of special glasses to shield themselves from you and your performance. not that it can be called a "performance", i think william hung could do better. also, please do not expose yourself, for i fear that the younger siblings of the teenagers who watched the VMA's may take it upon themselves to reenact your ordeal. that would be rather disturbing.

    P.S. if you can't sing, don't lip sync. it was mightily obvious.

    P.S.S. get in shape.

    P.S.S.S. how much did you pay your guy dancers to let you fondle them and vice versa?"

    there. i'm sure she'll find that letter endearing.

    anyway, i've got nothing left to say. XD

    oh yeah! ben got a blog. shockerr!


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